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getting ready to go to the club

100 truths

1. real name? Alana

2. nickname ? Laney

3. single or taken ?single

4. zodiac sign ? pisces

5. male or female ? Female

6. elementary ? forder

7. middle ? Buerkle

8. high ? Mehlville

9. eye color ? Green

10. hair color ? natural i have no idea. from the salon, bleach blond with low lights and darker peek a boo high lights and low lights underneath

11. hair ? just past my shoulders and growing

15. are you health freak ? i try to eat right and work out every other day but im not a freak about it

16. height ? 5'3

17. do you have a crush on someone ?like everyone

18. do you like yourself ? on most days

19. piercings? Boring, ears.

20. tattoos ? not yet

21. righty or lefty ? righty


22. first surgery ? had those things in the back of your throat removed

23. first piercing ? Ears

25. first award ? Honor Roll? lol

26.first boyfriend/girlfriend? sam lol

27. first pet ? a dog named max. well he was my uncles dog and we took care of him for like six years and now he lives with my uncle and aunt and he is like 700 years old

28. first vacation ?destin, fl

30. first crush ? oh gosh i have no idea there are so many


49. eating ? Nothing

50. drinking ? fiji water

52. i'm about to ? watch weeds

53. listening to ? the tv and my cat screaming.. hes weird

55. waiting for ? school to be over

57. wearing ?out the shower clothes.

58. want kids? doubt it

59. want to get married? not sure

60. want a big house? Oh yes


78. kissed a stranger ? a time of two

80. lost glasses/contacts ? yes lol

81. ran away from home ? No

82. broken any bones ? yes

84. broken someone's heart? yes

85. been arrested ? ish

86. turned someone down ? Yea

87. cried when someone died ? tonight when grandpa died

88. liked a friend ? who hasn't


89. yourself ? of course

90. miracles ? yes

91. love at first sight ? I dunno.

93. Santa Clause ? Duh, if you pretend you believe in him you get more presents.

94. sex on the first date ? HAH, no.

95. kissing on the first date ? yes

96. angels ? Yes


98. Isn't that dude Spencer off The Hills on MTV is a total hottie?
He's hideous. and an idiot and i reall want the season to end with him getting arrested lol

99. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time?
Hah, yes

100. Do you believe in God?

speaking of god. my grandpa died and he donated his body to science! i think it that is just the greatest thing you could do. and i am really proud that he did that.