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getting ready to go to the club

so i was looking for an advice community to post in in hopes of getting some great advice and at the very least someone reading it and relating to it but i didn't find the right one so here i go

it seems like everyone sees me at some kind of therapist. i try to seem friendly and welcoming but i don't want people to tell me their business. its like every person i smile at thinks i want them to tell me their life story. and working in retail its hard not to smile alot. let me give you an example.
i walked into trader joes (a grocery store) the other day and i smiled at the guy carrying out some lady bags. it was a sweet thing for him to do and i felt like i should smile at someone being nice to other people. so he came back in from the ladies car and introduced himself to me i smiled and introduced myself thinking that was it. then he told me all about him and his girlfriend and their problems and asked for advice.

this kind of random thing happens all the time. it happens a few times every where i go. the grocery store is the worst though!

it has also been brought to my attention (by a close friend) recently that i am a tease and i lead people on. when trying to prove my friend wrong, i asked most of my guy friends if they felt i had lead them on. every one of them told me they started being my friend thinking it would go farther or thinking that we were dating. i had no idea i was such a bitch. im not a touchy feely kind of person. i don't really like to be touched by people or to cuddle or anything like that so i don't know why people would think that i am flirting. i think i act the same to boy and girls.

now i know that none of you know me in real life so you can't really tell me if i am being to flirty but i could really use some advice on how to make it clear that i am only in it for the friendship when i first meet people. and also how do i politely tell someone i don't want to give them advice. or how do i politely say "if i am going to listen to this shit you need to pay me 200$ and hour and i should have a very comfy chair and a pen and paper to doddle on"  but once again i don't want to stop being a friendly smilely person. how can i be both??

and incase any of you have read my few other posts my sister is still pregnant and she is due in 2 weeks so there will be some cute baby pictures up in 2 weeks. wish me luck on living with an infant and having 2 jobs and full time college!!!